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Onework is established to expand the success of SAVETECH, one of the major manufacturers of energy saving electronics for hotel rooms. SAVETECH has been involved in the hotel industry for over ten years.In 2012,SAVETECH introduced an automatic door lock under the brand“FUTURETECH”. We have become the center of hotel supplies. We provide all hotel-related goods, such as toiletries, amenities, garbage bins, soap, slippers and many more.

Working with many hotel chains and traveling to different countries have given SAVETECH the unique experience. We apply the knowledge we gained and our creativity to design products that suit our customers’ needs and lifestyles. Onework makes sure that our clients get the high quality products at the affordable price.


Onework is a small, start-up company whose mission is to help customers find affordable products with reliable service. We would like to be another option for small and medium hotels. We would like to be a part of your team. We would like to be an answer to your questions or a source of what you need.Together, our businesses can firmly march and grow to be strong and successful in the future.


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