Product Description

Complimentary Water Tag

Classic Style : Designed for modern and hi-class hotels.

Thai Style  : Designed for Thai Traditional, Lanna, or Thai conservative style hotels.

Country Style : Designed for country style hotels, natural lover, forest and mountain, and palm tree beach.

Vintage Style : Designed for old-fashioned or vintage style hotels.

1 color print . With waterproof paper, it is strong and durable.

Minimum order 1,000 pieces or more

Easy steps ordering:

1.)    Choose your theme/ style

2.)    Add Line,Call or E-mail us to place an order

3.)    Transfer money to our bank account

4.)    Confirm the transaction with your shipping address

5.)    Wait for delivery in 7 days

If you have question or want to make an order, please call us at

Line : @onework

Tel : 062-862-8877, 085-519-0404

Email : contact@oneworkproduct.com

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