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buy accutane in australia Amenities set : Natural Senses Collection

Conditioning Shampoo Natural Senses 30ml.

Shower Gel Natural Senses 30ml.

Body Lotion Natural Senses 30ml.

Soft smell of lemongrass perfume, it gives a sense of flower garden designed in the bottle with gold cap which is simple but elegance.

You can match with any shower cap and cotton bud set as you want.

  1. MG sachet with a beautiful design and water-resistant coating
  2. Kraft sachet made from recycle paper in brown color encouraging an environmentally friendly image for your hotels.
  3. PCR sachet made from recycle paper encouraging an environmentally friendly image for your hotels.
  4. Boost your brand by suiting your amenity with our country set which is good-looking with natural style or choose the classic brown-white for more basically taste.
  5. For our recommendation, choose Thai vintage red boxes for Thai traditional & Lanna style hotels.

Standard set is offered a minimum order at 100 sets.

If you want to purchase products separately, our minimum order is 500 pcs/ item.

We also provide toothbrushes, combs, shaving kits, and sewing kits individually.

Customers can choose standard collection in our website or from our customers or whichever you like.

If you have question or ready to make a purchase, please contact us by the following: Line : @onework

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