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We can fill in any size of tubes from 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, and 60ml or any special requirement from customers. In addition, we do screen tubes 4 colors without any cost. Minimum order for tubes with logo: 5000 tube for each item.


Onework remains a strong supporter who fights for global warming. We encourage our customers to use more recycle and environmental friendly products than plastics to help reduce landfills in the future. We want to introduce 2 new types of bottles for our customers who care the planet the same as ours, that are PSM and PCR.


PSM is one kind natural material based on plant starch, cellulose, bamboo powder. In the appropriate temperature, humidity and fully automatic degradation bacteria environment, return to nature.

PCR (post consumer recycled) means processing the products again after recycling.

PSM and PCR are our initiatives that we wish to see more of our customers switch to environmental friendly products.

Minimum order (Standard) : 500 -1000 pcs per item (amount must fit cartons)

Minimum order (with logos): 5000 pcs per item


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