Tips for making your house cool

Tips for making your house cool

Making a house cool for summer in Thailand is the most famous topic. It can mean both real cool and self-styled (artificial) cool. We want to show you how to do it in both styles.

First, the easiest way to make our house cool is to install air-condition or fans. This will immediately solve the problem. Actually, it is unfeasible to cool down the house without any of these devices. However, if you live in the city and want to make the self-style cool, you may try to arrange the 5 elements to make your house less warm. These 5 elements consist of soil, water, wind, fire, and wood. When it becomes balanced, it will surely bring you a breezy house. Before we start, please check what your house is lacking or having too much. Let’s see:

Dirt, tile, stone, brick, and field, they are all made from soil. People live on soil. You may have a garden or floors inside of the house that should not be your bedroom that built from tile or stone. Both tile and stone are suited to absorb moisture. Especially when indoor, it helps reduce the temperature. Please be caution, elders who infect arthritis or bone pain are not suggested to sit directly on bitter floor but sitting under blanket or on a chair instead.

Water includes glass and mirror. Placing fishing tank or lotus ponds or jars of clay with water inside near the living room help a lot. In tiny spaces, putting a glass of Marble Queen near window can make your room much cooler. Warning, do not drink rainfall in the city like the old day, only use it for watering plants.

Wind, “with an airy house, wind shall pass.” As we mentioned earlier, turning A/C or fan will make your house absolutely chilled. By the way, when you adopt the length of the house facing toward North, your house will benefit from wind and sunbeams protection. Perhaps, if your house is facing East or West, the wood topic (below) will help you as much.

Wood comes to people’s lives in many forms such as trees, timbers, and clothes. If you live under a wooden house, you made yourself a good merit because a wooden house is air-friendly, even it cannot be installed A/C. Also, staying on the wooden floor is comfortable and good for health. Should we altogether help save the planet from the global warming, laminate or wood from reforestation is the best alternative.

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