Before Spinning the Wheels

Before Spinning the Wheels

Firstly, appointing a trip leader

Who should be then?

It is not 1 million dollars question. The person who shows the most passionate about the trip is the one who should be the team leader. For person who also shows the passionate but less names him or her his assistant. Then, share the tasks to each member.
Someone does not do his own job will be blamed and one works too slowly will be pressured.
For schedule, stop planning too far ahead. Make it short. Try to make it less than 20 days or a month.
Choose the date when most individuals are convenient. Laggards will soon follow. It sounds similar to the law of gravity, that is, once the agenda shows up, becomes more visible to everyone, we all know that who is going, afterward it will gravitate others one by one.
Eventually, everybody makes it. Although someone might be too busy, the last minute he will figure it out and try to make it, either by catching the last flight or canceling all the meeting. When it is necessary, these folks have to do it because other people are waiting for them. It does not make any sense to be alone. Even so, the rest will try to pressure these trouble makers. Perhaps, the group even threaten them by saying, “the bad finger must be cut off” or teasing them, “I want to know, when our friends send the pictures of us in Karaoke to your phone during the meeting, how would you feel?” Or, “in the future, we might bring the funny stories in the past, from year after year, don’t blame yourself if you are not in it.” That’s it. He will find  himself reasons to postpone the meeting. 
After we complete the date and people, now it is time for the assignment. Not only the trip leader has to assign the roles, but he must also create the traveling program. Make it similar to the professional tour guide. It would make more sense by giving the exact time and date such as meet at the Gate 4 at Suvarnabhumi Airport, after arrive the destination, ride the bus to the hotel, check –in, eat breakfast and sightseeing, etc. The Itinerary will look like many to-do lists, strategic-planning alike, and more systematic and amateur. 
However, when the deadline is approaching, the team often fails to keep on the written plan. Most plans are to be succeeded only major points, half-finished, and the leftover just wait for the situation to carry on. Like the sword master once said, “duckweed in the middle of river, dry leafs in the wind” or in Thai version means, “Let it go”.
From it, the trip leader will have to assign duties according to the professional business management’s lesson, that is, put the right man in the right position. Yet, if nobody is qualified, only slackers, move on, it will not get worse than missing the plane or being kicked out from hotel. Don’t put too much expectation.  First guy may be given the hotel reservation’s job. The second guy is responsible for tickets, e.g., airplane, train, boat, carriage, and so on. For the person who is familiar with the area, give him the jobs related to his own network and finding the attractions, e.g., exotic, mystery, and cheap and good place. You name it. The person who is considered the wealthiest and most trustable among friends give him the secretary job. For the idlers, your responsibility is more than the Spiderman’s, that is, drag yourself up to the airplane on time. Your job is to entertain the crews and bring yourself home safely.
Now everything is set. With a tight schedule and time competing plan, the enthusiasm of the staffs will be multiplied. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that people will not be overexcited or what doctor called, “Trip-Crazed-Syndrome”. Even straight men, they can chat all day long, with tons of information such as weather forecast or atmosphere forecast. They will not be able to work in last couple days before the trip. Finally, the day has come. The flight leaves on Friday, 7 O’clock. Traffic jam will not bother many because everyone has already been at the airport since the afternoon.  Packing all drink and snacks and feeling the excitement at the meeting point, we call the process from the first paragraph until this line, “First Shot” or “First Round”. Therefore, there are many shots to come. We do not count the first shot of “traveling” means the first step to the destination.

In the reality, we may create the pleasure and impression for the trip, even it becomes “Talk of the Our” before it does really “Spinning the Wheels”.



Originally published by: ก่อนล้อหมุน by คุณดุลย์

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